Document Conversion Service (DCS)

Your corporation produces hundreds or even thousands of document pages everyday. These documents consume a lot of space and resources for filing. As time flies, your storage space becomes inadequate and your storage costs increase.

Why don't you digitize these documents and store them in a Document Management System for faster retrieval and better management? Then the paper documents can be put in the warehouse or even destroyed.

Since 2006, Software Island has scanned more than 50 million pages and help the corporations to save millions of dollars from storage and operation efficiency. We offer both backlog and ongoing document scanning service at your designated location or at our scanning center.

Backlog Scanning Service (BSS)

We can conduct a one-off project-based scanning service to turn your paper documents into digital files.

We enter corresponding keywords according to your document types to speed up your document search. If you do not have a DMS for documents sharing, we can offer you a cost-effective one!

Ongoing Scanning Service (OSS)

Your document filing job is endless and so does your documents! We can conduct the scanning service for you on a monthly or quarterly basis.

Our team can scan and import the documents in your DMS to off-load your workload. No more filing work and you can just focus on your main duties.

Litigation Scanning Service (LSS)

Since 2007, we provide litigation scanning service to the law firms from US or UK. Our professional team travels to different Asian countries (China, Hong Kong, India, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, etc.) to conduct litigation scanning service.

Apart from Scanning, we offer Unitisation, OCR, and Load Files Generation. We are one of the partners you can trust!

Typesetting Scanning Service (TSS)

Our typesetting service can turn your documents into a valuable digital asset. Our service offers data entry with 100% quality-check. No matter you want to re-type your documents or fill in your application fields, our team can work out the solutions for you!